Summer Swimming Lessons

Happy healthful safe summer 2020, everyone!

I love teaching you and watching you learn to swim over the years.
Thank you to newcomers for your inquiries: I am very sorry, but this summer:
• I will not teach private lessons in any pool,
• The Village Of Greenport has cancelled camp swims and the free public swims this summer.

However, there are small group swims in the bay and Sound for children and adults informally forming or meeting infrequently and not on any schedule.

Please write to or text 212.343.9361 to coordinate to swim together. I will be there to guide your child or you to learn to feel confident in the water so they/you can build up the skills to swim.

Thank you, Everyone. Be well, be buoyant.
Love, Christina


6 months to 3 years of age
Up to four children accompanied by parent or guardian


4 to 5 years of age
Four to six children


$135 Per Hour


6 years of age to older youth
Four to six children

Level 1 ~ Introduction to Water Skills
Level 2 ~ Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Level 3 ~ Stroke Development
Level 4 ~ Stroke Improvement
Level 5 ~ Stroke Refinement
Level 6 ~ Swimming and Skill Proficiency


15 years old through adults


15 years old through adults
Swim test necessary: Intermediate-Advanced levels


15 years old through adults
Swim test necessary: Intermediate-Advanced levels

We are of water.

Water supports us: pre-birth, throughout our lives, and with every beat of our hearts. And yet, many of us are not comfortable in the aqueous element. Or, if we take to water easily, we are unknowledgeable of water safety skills, how to respond to emergencies, or how to save ourselves or others. And some of us would like to know how to move quickly and efficiently in water: for recreation, for competition, or for the pure joy of moving through water.

BuoyantSea is an organization to teach basic water safety and swimming skills to the community. Health, fitness, safety and wellness for children and adults is the focus of BuoyantSea.

Become comfortable in water
Learn holding and moving techniques
Improve your stroke and efficiency
Learn basic water safety skills


Foot of Fifth Street, Greenport, NY 11944

Coach Christina Sun

Red Cross WSI and Lifeguard

Christina is a Red Cross WSI and Lifeguard certified swim instructor. She teaches swim, aqua aerobics and open water swim clinics; she has taught at NYU, Roosevelt Island (NYC,) and teaches for the Village of Greenport, Sound View Inn and privately in summer, and at Peconic Landing (Long Island.) She has swum with Igor Shoukhardin’s Master Swim since 2007, and teaches with his philosophy and Russian accent.

Open water swimming is a passion, and she has swum in the Atlantic and the Pacific, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea (where’s the salt?), the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean, the Channel (La Manche only, off Bretagne and Normandy–not across the Channel), Øresund Sound, the Great Lakes, the bays of New England, around Manhattan (Hudson, Bronx, East Rivers), the Mississippi, and loves our Long Island Sound and bays. Water! it is all connected.

Movement, Breath, Mind: it is all connected as well. Alignment, focus, freedom, and discipline are all ingredients that go into your swim practice — and how you move through life. Christina is also a yoga and meditation practitioner.

She is an illustrator, has worked in publishing for many years, and has designed CIBBOWS (Coney Island Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers) race graphics in the past as well as the logo for her friends at PatagoniaSwim.They are wonderful people to swim with, do check them out. CIBBOWS is the source! And if you like swimming between icebergs and passing penguins, swim with PatagoniaSwim!

Christina lives in East Marion, NY.


Coach Igor Shoukhardin

Level 4 ASCA Certified Coach

Igor Shoukhardin, Ph.D. – Level 4 International ASCA Certified Coach (American Swimming Coaches Association) Igor swam for the former USSR National Team from 1963 to 1966. Right after finishing his own competitive swimming and accomplishing Post-Graduate School of World’s oldest State Physical Education Institute n.a. P.F. Lesgaft (former Leningrad) in 1970, he started his coaching career.

He has coached swimmers who have won 11 Olympic medals from Montreal-76, Moscow-80, and Barcelona-92. On top of that, many medals were grabbed from World and European Championships and University games as well as numerous USMS and USA national records. In 1992 Igor was given the title of Honored Coach of the Russian Federation and continues coaching in New York.

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